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Compression Socks

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Compression Socks Women and Men, 20-30mmHg, Best for Nurses, Travel, Pregnancy

  • COMPRESSION SOCKS 20-30 mmHg. A Durable Compression Socks have wide variety of fun colors and designs specially for nurses, size rang cover both women and men. Double stitched with functional Fabric and knitted with seamless compression technology. Fits comfortable, easy to get on and delivers 360 degree support to feet and legs. Knee high long sleeves compression socks make sure the graduated support effect entire calf.
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PERFECT MEDICAL GRADE COMPRESSION STOCKING – Doing what they’re supposed to do. Get your blood circulating in style! Increase and stimulates blood flow. Helping prevent varicose veins, calf compression and shin splints. Prevent blood clots after surgery. Provides significant relief for aching legs, calf, ankles and feet. Great replacement for Dr. prescribed compression socks stiff varieties in black nude white colors. Get these fashionable compression socks tight in far more cost- effective.

NICELY MADE AND CAREFUL CONSTRUCTION. No stitches in places where it will scratch your toes. Broad wide cuff has a comfortable fitting and stay up well on knee. Nicely stitched flat toe seam, doesn’t bother sensitive toes. Easy to pull on even it’s 20 -30 compression socks. Feel the instant comfort support. Lightweight and breathable fabric, durable and will be comfort enough to wear in the summer. Accurate sizes, wont have large feet. Thickness fits dress shoes.

BEST NURSING COMPRESSION SOCKS WOMEN AND MEN. The compression support is perfectly located on where it is needed. The toe area has a specially made pocket, it won’t squeeze toe joints. Moisture wicking properties for added comfort. After a 12 hour shift, legs don’t feel heavy, wont have swelling. Quality compression stocking, easy care and wash well without losing compression, longer service life.

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