Turning Art Into A Lifestyle Company
That Has Measurable Impact


Kristin Nobles B Noble lifestyle Artist Breast Implant Illness survivor and advocate

Kristin Nobles is an impact artist recognized for her style creating Noble Subjects as contemporary black and white acrylic portraits. Kristin has been recognized by top collectors and other artists for using her art to benefit causes. B Noble Art has helped raise funds using her original images.

For Kristin being a Noble artist means using her talent and art to support organizations that make a difference solving social issues.  We contribute a portion of net proceeds from each campaign to non-profit organizations addressing causes we stand behind.

In 2020 Kristin found herself the face of an issue threatening women’s lives called Breast Implant Illness, and she decided to use her talent to help her help others. While facing major medical issues, she used her business experience to recruit colleagues help her launch B Noble Lifestyle. Through this company and incredible partners committed to causes, she is now able to offer a unique variety of retail and commercial products from original signed art, housewares, fashion and merchandise to graffiti proof commercial building art.

For Kristin, success means inspiring people through her story to be part of the change we need to see in the world. Kristin’s mission as an artist is to be recognized as being Noble via creating impactful images that keep raising funds and awareness for the causes B Noble Lifestyle supports.  From Fashion Week to underground art shows, Kristin has shown up for many causes. As a painter she draws her inspiration from personal experiences and paints as a means to deal with her pain. As a pioneering technologist Kristin looks forward to finding new platforms to reach more people and is bringing her work into the NFT Market.

In 2021 we launched the Sick Titties Collection to support our Breast Implant Illness Campaign. The funds raised from this Collection will expand www.sicktitties.com into a community that will be a valuable resource to women suffering from Breast Implant Illness. We are promoting this through an iHeartRadio podcast “Close to the Chest with Kristin & Christine”, a tv series “Road to Explant” and a documentary “I am B.I.I.”. All of these media, and more, are crafted to provide disclosure of the facts, risks and costs associated with Breast Implant Illness and to educate people so they make informed decisions and have access to resources.  One can find more information at www.SickTitties.com  The goal of this site is to be a resource to women who have implants and want to understand if their symptoms are associated with breast implant illness and what resources are available to them.

We followed that up with “Sheroes”, Kristin’s inspired artwork about women making an impact on our society.  These women serve to represent all women in various leadership positions whether judicial, political, artistic, musical, entertainment or other. 

B Noble Lifestyle will continue to release original collections to raise funds for organizations solving social issues from childhood education, poverty, breast cancer, incarceration, opiate addiction and more.

To learn more follow us at @BNOBLELIFESTYLE @BNOBLEART