B Noble

B Noble Lifestyle’s founder, Kristin Nobles is a contemporary artist on a mission to use her talent to B Noble. Being Noble means turning her art into a lifestyle brand with a unique collection of art, fashion and merchandise that B Noble Lifestyle can sell to raise funds and awareness for the causes B Noble Lifestyle supports. In 2021 we are releasing original collections to raise funds for organizations solving global issues including breast cancer, recidivism, opiate addiction and more.

Our first mission is to support Kristin and others like her that are suffering from Breast Implant Illness #BII. You can support by purchasing Sick Titties merchandise and sharing awareness. The funds raised from this campaign will create a trusted company that will be a valuable resource to women suffering from Breast Implant Illness.  The campaign will provide disclosure of facts and educate people so they make informed decisions and have access to resources. Find out more at www.SickTitties.com