Kristin Nobles

Kristin Nobles is a contemporary artist on a mission to support organizations that make a difference solving social issues including Breast Implant Illness, breast cancer, incarceration, opioid addiction and others.

Kristin Nobles B Noble lifestyle Artist Breast Implant Illness survivor and advocate

Kristin has been painting for over a decade and she has over 200 unreleased pieces she has painted. Through this company and incredible partners committed to causes, she is now able to offer a unique variety of retail and commercial products from original signed art, housewares, fashion and merchandise and large scale commercial artwork. 

Help support Kristin in online sales to raise funds and awareness for the causes B Noble Lifestyle supports.


Coming October 6th a new podcast called Close to the Chest with Kristen and Christine.

Available on i Heart Radio and Apple podcasts or wherever you find your podcasts.

Kristin & Christine are out to find the real facts on fake boobs.  If you or someone you know would like to know more about Breast Implant Illness please visit  Together we can beat this – you are not alone.

Shero Collection

We are launching with the Shero Collection. Inspired by inspirational women. Kristin uses her talents to create truly unique artwork.

The collection is available in many formats. From high quality canvas prints and posters. Also available are pillows, T-shirts, cups, hats, and other fun things.  You can also custom order an image &/or format.  Just contact us!

Here are a few items from the Shero Collection:

Michelle Obama

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

See the full Sheros Collection

Sick Titties

In 2021 we are launching with the Sick Titties campaign. This campaign is to raise awareness about Breast Implant Illness and the concerns for full disclosure regarding implants.

This is a very serious illness that goes undiagnosed, sometimes for years, with doctors dismissing women’s symptoms as unfounded. The insurance industry just recently created a code for this illness, but it’s still a battle to have doctors recognize the symptoms. There is also the issue of societal pressures on women to have large breasts to be considered attractive.  We like to use humor to draw attention to the fact that implants can make women sick and if they are feeling symptoms they should be empowered to get educated and make a decision that is right for them. The funds raised from this campaign will create a trusted company that will be a valuable resource to women suffering from Breast Implant Illness.

Sick Titties